Leave No Trace (LNT) is a universal program for all recreational endeavors to help protect our natural resources as we enjoy visiting our favorite recreational spots. Practicing LNT principles makes a difference in our acceptance on public lands.

Back Country Horsemen adopted LNT as a major element in keeping public lands open to equestrians.

Recent studies confirm that 90% of equestrians never ride in the back country. LNT reflects the education needs of front country rides as well as back country.

LNT has been broken down into seven Principles. These Principles are not hard and fast rules but give us guidance in how we can preserve the natural resources AND retain our right to ride on public (and private) land.

The Seven Principles are:

• Plan Ahead and Prepare
• Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
• Minimize Campfire Impacts
• Be Considerate of Others
• Dispose of Waste Properly
• Respect Wildlife
• Leave What You Find

As more and more people find enjoyment outdoors, in both the front country and back country, we put pressure on our natural resources. If we do not take positive steps to minimize these impacts on the land one, or both of these things can happen:

• The natural resources are destroyed and are no longer available for us to enjoy
• We are not allowed to visit our favorite places to ride

Back Country Horsemen is a leader in the LNT education program and has developed a statewide, award winning, hands on program to keep us all informed.

To learn more about LNT go to www.bchw.org and www.lnt.org.