Membership application is available at Back Country Horsemen of Washington website at

We welcome everyone interested in keeping trails open for equestrians as members of Ponderosa Back Country Horsemen (PBCH), whether you own a horse or not, or are thinking about it.

Being part of an active group is a great way to learn about horses, the many riding areas and activities, find new friends to ride with and participate in keeping trails open. BCH gives us a common voice in the horse community and educational opportunities. Through BCH you have the opportunity to make a difference, help others, be involved in the community, develop new skills, have new experiences, use your skills in a productive way, stay fit and contribute to a cause.

When you join PBCH you are also joining the Back Country Horsemen of Washington (BCHW) and the Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA). This is a strong organization that speaks for equestrians locally, statewide and nationally. It is through this strength that we help keep trails open for equestrians.

We encourage you to visit us on line, at events and at our monthly meetings. If you have questions please contact us as we are always anxious to talk about horses and Back Country Horsemen.

Ask yourself what you want from joining and what you want to contribute then talk to us about Back Country Horsemen.

Ponderosa Principles